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  • Fall Adventure on Napa River North

    Explore the Northern-most reaches of San Pablo Bay where nature has been restored. Autumn is the best time to experience the lush forest along the river when resident fish & birds come alive! The City of Napa is built on the margin where salt water and fresh water mix showcasing an amazing breadth of wildlife. Paddle the full spectrum from tidal marsh to lush forest as our days grow short and the water cools. Osprey and Kingfishers ride Autumn breezes and hunt in clearer water, dive-bombing fish from the sky. Schools of Striped Bass swarm bait fish that have grown large and plentiful since hatching in the Spring. Join us for this amazing adventure with a personal guide and meander through the the Oxbow Preserve and beyond on this moderate level, one-way tour.

    • Tour includes: Lessons, shuttle, kayak or SUP, pfd
    • Distance and duration: 4 miles, 1.5- 2 hrs
    • Launch times: Anytime, launch based on tides*
    • Level of difficulty: Moderate. Guide required for beginners or in-experienced paddlers
    • Meeting Location: 100 Riverside Dr Napa, Ca
    • Event Location:100 Riverside Dr or Kennedy Park Boat Ramp
    • Cost: $89/person
    • Note: Includes lessons + shuttle. BEGINNERS WELCOME
    • Note: Guide NOT required for experienced paddlers

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  • Meander through Downtown & Oxbow District

    Our most popular tour has you glide along reed-lined shores and restored wetlands where you will enjoy the "Venetian renaissance" of Downtown Napa on water. This beginner level, guided round- trip journey starts with a paddle lesson on land and finishes on water with a tour from downtown Napa into the Oxbow Preserve. Perfect for those new to Napa or new to Stand Up Paddling/Kayaking. During these Fall months the river is packed full of bait fish and the clarifying water makes easy hunting for families of river otters. Fishing poles and fishing kayaks available!

    • Tour includes: Includes beginner paddling lesson with a certified paddle instructor, SUP board or kayak, paddle and water safety equipment.
    • Distance and duration: 3 miles round-trip, 1.5 - 2 hours
    • Launch times: Mornings
    • Level of difficulty: Easy
    • Meeting Location: Call 707.666.1628. 680 Main St or 100 Riverside Dr.
    • Event Location: Wind & Tide dependent. 680 Main St or 100 Riverside Dr.
    • Cost: $69/person

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  • Autumn Expedition of the Carneros Wildlife Preserve

    Your adventure is set to a champagne vineyard backdrop that soon transitions to sweeping views of dormant volcanoes, Mount Diablo and Mount Tamalpais, which help you and your guide imagine a Pleistocene Era still paying dividends with each vintage wine. Volcanic soil, Pterodactyl-like Great Blue Heron with 10ft wing spans and prehistoric Sturgeon troll the depths of Carquinez Strait made famous by the album "Fisherman Chronicles" from local band, Primus. Paddle by Old Monterrey Bay Shipwrecks abandon last century during a provision era when salmon runs flourished, Monterrey was the Capital of California and “Nappa” was a native american word meaning “fishing village”. During the Fall months this preserve comes alive! Striped Bass swarm schools of guppies as the days grow shorter. Osprey ride Autumn breezes and enjoy clearer hunting waters, dive-bombing bait fish from the sky. The journey covers six miles of twists and turns through Hudeman Slough spanning both Napa and Sonoma Counties. Red-tail Hawks, Golden Eagles and Horned Owls may also be seen hunting terrestrials from groves of trees skirting the marsh. Fishing poles and fishing kayaks available!

    Guide required for this tour

    Tour includes:

    • Kayak or SUP, paddle, PFD, knowledgeable guide
    • Launch times: Morning, High Tide
    • Level of difficulty: Moderate
    • Meeting Location: Cuttings Wharf. 6 Cuttings Wharf Rd Napa, 94559
    • Event Location: Hudeman Slough /Skaggs Island
    • Cost: $99/person
    • Note: If we paddle one way to Green Island in American Canyon add shuttle fee & 35 min travel time. 4 person minimum for this route

    *post paddle wine+charcuterie available for additional charge

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  • Ride the Wind & Tides of the Petaluma River D.I.Y.

    Ride the soft Autumn breeze blowing off the Pacific Ocean, through the Petaluma Gap and straight down the Petaluma River. Your exploration begins from our shop at Petaluma Marina where you are outfitted with displacement hull, downwind paddle boards and instructed on where to go and what to observe during your trip. Glide with the wind at your back 4.8 miles to Lakeville Landing, one-way with shuttle service. Simply text us at the big, red buoys and we will be there for pick up in 12 minutes! Enjoy sweeping views of Olampali as you glide along the largest, continuous wetland estuary on the West Coast of North America. The water is still warm and packed with bait fish attracting schools of Striped Bass, Osprey, Egrets and Great Blue Heron. Fishing poles and fishing kayaks available!

    • Tour includes: Kayak or SUP, paddle, PFD, guide upon request
    • Distance and duration: 4.8 miles 1.5- 2 hours, one-way
    • Launch times: Afternoon or anytime of day, see business hours
    • Level of difficulty: Easy
    • Meeting Location: PSUP 775 Baywood Dr #105 Petaluma, Ca
    • Event Location: Petaluma Marina to Lakeville Landing
    • Cost: $49/person INCLUDES SHUTTLE SERVICE
    • Note: Appointment during peak season, May - October highly advised

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