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Napa Valley Paddle offers the most comprehensive curriculum of water sport activities on the Napa River and Northern Reach of San Pablo Bay. Home to some of the most beautiful and under explored water ways in the Bay Area boasting a quiet, scenic setting with the warmest weather this close to San Francisco and miles upon miles of prime paddling conditions. Our goal is for you and your group to unplug, ride the tide and find clarity by nurturing your curiosity in nature.

Spring Runoff

Napa Valley Paddle (NVP) is stoked to share with you a rare springtime flow on the Napa River. Now through June, stand up paddle or kayak the fresh, emerald waters of our river rich with wild wildlife and grapevines. Spy on river otters, beavers, osprey, egrets, great blue herons and turtles. Meander through the marshland of the Oxbow Nature Preserve while watching cliff swallows fly to and from their muddy nests. This undiscovered side of Napa should not be missed.

Gourmet Picnics

After your paddle, taste the bounty of the Valley with a picnic of local charcuterie, cheese and seasonal fresh fruit and taste a library of wine from Andrew Lane Winery, featuring their award winning Napa Gamay Beaujolais. Now is the time to get out and see Napa from a whole new perspective! $55/ paddle only $99/person with gourmet boxed lunch D​istance and D​uration: 3 miles. 1.5 hour paddle. 1.5 hours picnic and wine tasting Guide and equipment included

Wedding parties & bachelorette

NVP specializes in structured, healthy, outdoor fun for bachelorette parties and wedding parties. Bridal showers are often morning brunch or early-afternoon celebrations, so we offer food and wines that impress with elegance. Our whole-cluster fermented Napa Gamay Beaujolais is a match for honey ham, quiche Lorraine or a perfectly ripe fruit salad.

Team Building and Conservation Excursions

Glide along reed-lined shores then listen to the story of a resurgent waterway including discussion on this innovative Oxbow Bypass project from a Napa Flood District representative. Paddlers have opportunity to help sustain the Napa River's environmental renaissance by learning to identify non-native, invasive plants and then properly removing them from planted areas. Removal of invasive plant species is one of the most effective ways to ensure desired native plants flourish, which keeps the waterways healthy. Or Picnic beside Aquaponic pools where seasonal gardens are suspended on water, the result of progressive farming methods designed by Vlad Jovanovic, PSUP ambassador and Aquaponic pioneer. Nutrients are provided by connecting a small fish pond to a series of shallow pools. This farming method is being embraced globally as a solution to grow food in soil deficient regions of the world, while also reducing water usage 90% and eliminating the use of fertilizer Tour Enhancements: Adventure Yoga. Ride tides with a sup yoga instructor and enjoy preserved wetlands and sweeping views with majestic Yoga poses feathered-in as you glide. Adventure Fitness. Develop a clearly defined path that will help you achieve your fitness goals through paddling technique and water based workout.